Having trouble with Adium and iMessage?

August 28, 2012

I exclusively use Apple’s iMessage for chat. Most of my coworkers use Adium. Ever since I started this job there have been weird issues were coworkers can’t see me online and don’t respond when I message them. I’ve confirmed that they are not actually getting the messages (and they aren’t quietly hellbanning me).

Also, the name of my lapop is the Emoji characters .

Also, your default location in iMessage is the name of your computer.

Turns out there’s a bug in either iMessage, Google Chat or Adium (probably Adium, since iMessage <-> Google Chat works just fine) where Emoji characters in your location cause you to not be visible in Adium. I changed my location to something more vanilla and now all my coworkers can see me online. Hooray!

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