JSLint: Expected ‘return’ at column X, not column Y

January 17, 2013

I’ve been writing some Javascript using the default settings in Chocolat, tabs instead of spaces and each tab is equivalent to 2 spaces. Running most of my javascript files through JSLint is fine, but there were a few lines that were generating warnings, even though the spacing looked just fine.

if (validateCardRequestDidSucceed(stripeResponse) === false) {
    response.error("Stripe card request failed with unknown error")

What’s wrong here? That spacing looks just fine to me. Turns out that the default settings in JSLint want spaces instead of tabs and 4 spaces per indentation. JSLint, by default, ignores tabbed indentation, but somehow that return had been indented with spaces.

Replacing the spaces with tabs cleared up the issue.

In other news, I should probably switch to 4-space indentation. I’m not picky about spacing and, all things being equal, I might as well stick with the JSLint conventions.

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