I'm learning Android Dev

Posted on Sat 02 November 2013 in misc

It's about time I took a look and saw how the other half lived. I'm learning Android development. I bought the BNR Android book and have started working my way through the chapters. Keeping in mind I've only been doing this for two or three days, here are my thoughts …

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Unit Testing Parse Cloud Code

Posted on Sat 26 January 2013 in misc

Like many people, I was thrilled when Parse announced their cloud code product. I've just started a little iOS project that required both persistent cloud storage and pulling data from a 3rd party API. Since the API had a great JavaScript library, but no built-in Obj-C support, moving the code …

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Having trouble with Adium and iMessage?

Posted on Tue 28 August 2012 in misc

I exclusively use Apple's iMessage for chat. Most of my coworkers use Adium. Ever since I started this job there have been weird issues were coworkers can't see me online and don't respond when I message them. I've confirmed that they are not actually getting the messages (and they aren't …

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