I'm writing this on an iPad

Posted on Mon 27 April 2020 in Writing • Tagged with web, iPad

Well, my last post was about how I have my whole deployment pipeline setup in Github, let's see if I can use it from an iPad to publish a post. I wonder if this will work?

Setting up Github Actions for Deploying Pelican

Posted on Wed 18 December 2019 in development • Tagged with web, Pelican

Github actions allow me to implement continuous delivery for this blog. Each time I merge to master, jimkubicek.com is built and deployed.

First, this action should run anytime the master branch is updated.

name: Build and Deploy

    branches: [master]

Now we need to create our deploy steps …

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Setting up Let's Encrypt with Nginx

Posted on Fri 13 December 2019 in development • Tagged with web, ssl, server

This blog is a static site generated with Pelican. It's now almost 2020, which means that using https isn't just a good idea, it's pretty-much mandatory. The good news is that setting up Ubuntu, Nginx and Let's Encrypt is incredibly straightforward. Start to finish it only took me a bit …

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